Why you should work with us

You are the businessman. You know that the demand of automation and business model simplification is pressing. You have thought about utilizing IT to improve work efficiency, such as online marketing, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) tool, etc.  In the market, there are numerous apps, websites and software developed to meet clients’ demand. However, every business is unique and having to outsource to many IT companies to build a solid business system is daunting enough.

Why you should outsource your IT problems?

Trust us. We know the pain of hiring a real, existing programmer that submit their work on time with satisfying results. You can save the budget for that new office set up, knowing that your systems are in good hands, without wondering why your IT manager is compiling stuffs all day.

If you have decided resorted to IT consultant company, why Sysupgrade?

Here is a catch: many software consultants will pass your project to freelancers to reduce cost. Well, there are many risk related to this problem if you are not aware. Firstly, your system could be a collaboration from few people across the world who write in their own (human and programming) language and style. If the system is down, there is no way to repair this duct-taped code pieces fast enough to regain trust from your customers. Imagine your business that you and your teammates, probably passed from generation to generation, losing reputation from customers due to this consultant’s unethical outsourcing. Moreover, most of their clients’ funds go to the marketing and consultancy team that causes the IT development departments undervalued. In our companies, we will make sure this will not happen because we integrate the consultation part and the development part.


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